August 12, 2011

The hook, the pitch and the query 2

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I’ve revamped my query and attempted to show as much of the story as possible without losing some of the mystery or being too long. What do you guys think?

Before legends became a whisper of memory, humans and Tuatha dé Danaan shared the Earth. But the human population grew, pushing the Fae to the borders of the world until they had but one choice left: leave Earth or lose themselves. Most chose to follow their queen to Tír na nÓg, but a few remained, mixing with humans to create a race of half-breeds.

Allie Jones is a Walker, one of the few who brave the void that lies beyond the borders of our universe. She tries to pass for human in modern-day London when a message from Stockton, king of the half-breeds and Allie’s father, forces her back in touch with her supernatural roots.

Stockton sends Allie after a rag-tag team of Londoners that seem to have nothing in common except a three year tenure at Latymer Upper-school, fifteen years ago. But as Allie uncovers their plot to break into Tír na nÓg and overthrow the queen of Fae, she also learns that this plot is tied to her past, and that Stockton chose to send her after these men for a reason.

Allie is torn between love for her father and the need to discover what she really is, but with the half-breeds standing on the brink of war, Allie must choose between who she was raised to be and what she was born to become, with both Earth and Tír na nÓg hanging in the balance.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my query for the 92.000 word paranormal thriller A PROMISE OF VIOLENCE. I’m a Montreal based author and have previously published poetry, two academic articles and a master’s thesis. I’ve worked as a translator, editor and journalist.

A full manuscript is available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you.


June 13, 2011

The hook, the pitch and the query

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I’m currently struggling with getting my query letter ready. I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me a few pointers on my description of the story?

It’s supposed to be short and compelling so I’ve decided to tell the story from one POV only, and instead mention that I have several at the end. What do you think?

For the first time in eight months, Allie kicked aside the throw-rug, revealing the closed hatch. She grabbed the lever with both hands and dragged. The floorboards groaned as the trap door opened, revealing a doorway to the darkness below London. A network of short-cuts that few knew about and even fewer could navigate. She took a deep breath and braced for the journey.

Allie Jones is a Walker, a human with Fae blood running through their veins who can open shortcuts in reality. On orders from her father, King of the half-breeds, she shadows Charlie Mains, who at first seems nothing more than a laid-off programmer from Westham. But tailing Charlie uncovers more than her father bargained for, and soon, Allie is caught up in a plot to overthrow the queen of all Fae, and change the world forever.

A Promise of Violence is a 92000 word urban fantasy novel about choices, growing up and sacrifice. Available upon request.

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