March 9, 2013

Powerlifting My Way to the Nationals

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Today, I participated in an open powerlifting competition, and with a squat of 142.5kg, a bench press of 87,5kg and a deadlift of 125kg, I qualified for the Norwegian nationals.

Do you want to see?

142.5kg (314lbs) Squats:

87.5kg (193lbs) Bench press:

125kg (276lbs) Deadlift (RAW):

Hope to see some of you in Bergen this May!


December 16, 2012

Victories: Great and Small

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I’ve written about the reasons why writers need to challenge themselves and make themselves mighty, and I still believe that’s true. Measurable results is the key to keeping your spirits up.

So, with that in mind, I finally joined a powerlifting club. Luckily, they had an open competition six weeks after I started training with them, so I could jump right in. I came last, but that’s not the point: I exceeded my own expectations, and pushed myself. I also set a new PR for both bench and deadlift. Now, that is just what a woman needs to get back into writing a new novel.

Here are a few of my lifts:

90kg squats:

62.5kg bench:

120kg deadlift:

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