November 19, 2011

Another Birthday

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I want to share a piece of writing with you. Another Birthday, by Daniel J. Langton is the most beautiful poem I’ve read this year. It was published in Vallum issue 8:1 Futures and every time I read it, it makes me smile. Hope it does the same for you!

Another Birthday
by Daniel J. Langton

More wine than we are used to, the guests gone,
gaudy wrappings, paper plates, the coarse smell
of unfinished food, intricate perfume,
all of this with the sun still out, the day
as innocent as can be, the front lawn
the same, as far as anyone can tell,
and there we are, in our familiar room,
thinking for once on what we cannot say.

Come with me outside, before it gets dark.
I have to show you what I know will please,
something between the truthful and the true.
I want to walk in our part of the park
so you can see; the leaves on the old trees
are just as green as the leaves on the new.


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