March 9, 2013

Powerlifting My Way to the Nationals

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Today, I participated in an open powerlifting competition, and with a squat of 142.5kg, a bench press of 87,5kg and a deadlift of 125kg, I qualified for the Norwegian nationals.

Do you want to see?

142.5kg (314lbs) Squats:

87.5kg (193lbs) Bench press:

125kg (276lbs) Deadlift (RAW):

Hope to see some of you in Bergen this May!


March 8, 2013

Damsels in Distress

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In honor of today being the International Women’s Day and all, I give you Anita Sarkeesian’s first video in her series of discussing women in video games: Damsels in Distress part 1.

It’s interesting, it’s enjoyable, and it’s about video games. The internet doesn’t get much better than that, ladies and gents.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Backspace Scholarship Competition: An Update

The voting for the Backspace Writers Conference’s scholarship contest is in full swing. Close to 2400 votes have been cast and they’re still ticking in. There are a lot of good quality manuscripts in there, but clear winners are emerging. This is the current top five list of manuscripts:

Top five

As I’m sure you notice, out of 110 entries, my book (number 56: Fire and Blood) is hanging in there in 5th place.

This is just a preliminary, however. The voting is open until March 15th. Much could happen yet. I hope, of course, that people will keep voting for my book so that I can go to this great conference, and get to see my first novel in print.

Fingers crossed!

March 5, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion. Read: Help a Writer Out!

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I have entered to win a scholarship to the Backspace Writers Conference in May. I need to get the most votes out of about a hundred entries. Read the entries here.

This is my log line:

Entry 56: FIRE AND BLOOD | Urban Fantasy

When Montreal police start finding bodies of youths with magical potential, Trinity McCormac, the only powerless descendent of a legendary family of witches, knows the killer has learned the secret she once uncovered: that it’s possible to steal people’s powers by eating their souls, but she cannot go to the authorities without making herself a prime suspect. Can she catch the killer before he succeeds in making himself the most powerful witch of all time, and can she defeat him without becoming a killer herself?

All I need from you you, dear readers, bloggers, friends, is a small vote. One small vote each. It would make me a very happy blogger and grateful friend. Also, I bake. Did I mention that?

Anyways, if you think my entry is worth a trip to New York, or if you have other, darker reasons to vote for me, I won’t judge, just click this link and vote for number 56: Blood and Fire.

Remember, a vote for number 56: Fire and Blood is a vote for the future!

I’m not going to promise it would make the world a better place, but it just might. It just might.

March 3, 2013

Starve Better

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I’m trying to figure out my best path to success. Is it through freelance writing and translation gigs, working long hours but with the freedom to set my own schedule? Or is it through a safe and well-paid job that leaves evenings and weekends open for writing?

Option A stressed me out, and the long hours left little creativity for my own projects. Option B made me complacent and slow, leaving me with little push to drive my own deadlines.

So which do you prefer? Do you like to starve on your way to inevitable success, or risk the dangers of complacency in a safe and well-regulated office environment?

I don’t know which fits me better yet, and I’m definitely open for secret option C. Lay it on me!

February 5, 2013

Out in Italian

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In 2005, I published an article called The Collective’s Little Red Book. It was collection of thoughts and ideas on how to organize live action roleplays collectively (yes, I’m a mega-geek). This week, that article came out in the Italian Symposium Ragionando di larp. Opinioni e riflessioni sui giochi di ruolo dal vivo (Reasoning about larp. Opinions and reflections about live action role-playing) by Andrea Castellani.
Order your print versions here for a measly $8.75 or get the ebook version for free.

Now I can say that my work has been translated into Italian. How cool is that?

(Before you start thinking I’ve turned this blog into a bragging space, let me tell you that I’ve been rejected from publications 4 times this week. I’m keeping the balance right between good news and bad.)

January 30, 2013


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It happened a while back, I was just too busy applying for jobs to notice.

Age of Conan’s latest content update, Secrets of the Dragon’s Spine, went live.
Secrets of the Dragon's Spine
With that content update, my very first dialog lines have been published. Making me an official game writer (sorta). So play, enjoy, and look for Jamila, the Tempest of Set, and dancing, half-naked women.

See you on the battlefield!

December 29, 2012

Beautiful Spam

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I keep getting spam messages. We all do, I’m sure. Mine are usually variations over a theme. Lately, they’ve been vague responses to something I’ve posted, telling me whatever I wrote was interesting and ending with a link. I’ve often wondered how they mix these messages up. How do they keep them fresh? Today, due to a tiny bug or perhaps a copy/paste error, I found the answer.

This is the formula for my soon-to-be-trashed spam. Isn’t it lovely?

There are {certainly|definitely|actually} {a lot of|lots of|plenty
of|loads of|numerous|a whole lot of|a number of|a variety of|quite a lot
of} {details|particulars} like that to take into consideration. {That is
a|That may be a|That could be a} {great|nice} {point|level} to
{bring|convey|deliver|carry} up. I {offer|supply|provide} the
{thoughts|ideas} above as {general|common|basic|normal} inspiration
{but|however} clearly there are questions {like the|just like the} one
you {bring|convey|deliver|carry} up {where|the place} {the most
important|an important|crucial|a very powerful} {thing|factor} {will
be|shall be|might be|will probably be|can be|will likely be} working in
{honest|trustworthy|sincere} good faith. I don?t know if
{best|greatest|finest} practices have emerged {around|round}
{things|issues} like that, {but|however} {I am|I’m}
{sure|positive|certain} that your job is clearly {identified|recognized}
as {a fair|a good} game. {Both|Each} {boys and girls|girls and boys}
{feel|really feel} the {impact (link to spam site)

December 20, 2012

Last Day on Earth

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I’m going to give it to you straight, like a pear cider made from 100% pear. I don’t buy it. We’ve been told the world will end so many times that what little faith I might have had in our impending doom has utterly dissipated.
Apocalypse Now

That doesn’t mean the idea of the apocalypse can’t be useful, however. Say that the world was ending tomorrow, what would you wish you had done? What little bits of life would you like to explore? How do you want to spend your last day on Earth?

Inquiring minds want to know.

(I would tell you to try and accomplish your goals as well, but since I’ll be spending the last day on Earth convincing strangers to join me in a taste test of coffee, I can’t really advice anyone on anything. If you can spend your day accomplishing something wonderful, I salute you!)

December 16, 2012

Victories: Great and Small

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I’ve written about the reasons why writers need to challenge themselves and make themselves mighty, and I still believe that’s true. Measurable results is the key to keeping your spirits up.

So, with that in mind, I finally joined a powerlifting club. Luckily, they had an open competition six weeks after I started training with them, so I could jump right in. I came last, but that’s not the point: I exceeded my own expectations, and pushed myself. I also set a new PR for both bench and deadlift. Now, that is just what a woman needs to get back into writing a new novel.

Here are a few of my lifts:

90kg squats:

62.5kg bench:

120kg deadlift:

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