October 25, 2012

Make or Break Your Routine

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In a writing rut: break your routine.

This is the advice I’ve gotten lately. Go on vacation, take a walk, write at different times of the day. But as someone who’s suddenly without a home or a conventional job, I have to admit that the lack of routine is what gets me. Sure, I have no trouble finishing my freelance gigs on time, outside pressure is a perfect motivator, but my own projects? Forget about it. I’ve written 1500 words in 2 weeks.

I’m sure it will be different once I settle down in a new country and the vacation feeling passes. I’m sure it will help once I get a few more freelance gigs so the paycheck thing will be taken care of. And I’m sure renting office space with other freelancers will help me mimic a traditional work day. But I don’t want my creativity to be shackled to an apartment and a set space.

So what is a poor girl to do? I need your advice here. How do you keep up productivity without set routines? Or how do you create routines when everything else is fluctuating?



  1. Routine is basically the only way for me to work on any kind of personal output. I can arbitrarily create my own time blocks for when I want to work, but in many cases the problem in creating my own routine is mostly the people I interact with on a frequent basis; to them, you doing personal stuff or ‘working’ at home is not actual ‘work’, to them it’s just… “doing stuff”. Communicating to my friends and family that I’m not available during so-and-so is important for me to find breathing space and time to focus.

    In any case, good luck on your new adventure!

    Comment by cgmonkey — October 26, 2012 @ 10:26 am | Reply

    • I hear you. I used to be good at managing my own time, but now that I don’t have a home or an office, it’s more difficult. Might be a mood thing.

      I guess I’m a bit guilty of the same thing you friends and family are doing: if it’s my own stuff, it feels less like real work and more like stuff.

      Thank you!

      Comment by nascentnovelist — October 27, 2012 @ 9:32 am | Reply

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